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Things to Do

Full Day and Half Day Excursions

Have the family adventure you will always remember. See our jungles which are full of exotic birds and other wildlife through your children's eyes. Walk with them along with our expert guides through ancient Mayan ruins. We'll show you towering waterfalls, massive reef systems, pristine rivers and quaint villages full of friendly local people!

Click on Featured Tour name Length Difficulty
Birds of Paradise Half Day Easy
Caves Branch River Tubing Full Day Moderate
Scarlet Macaw Tour Half Day Easy
Reef and Snokel/River Boat Tour Full Day Moderate
Glovers Reef Snorkeling Full Day Moderate
Jaguar Preserve Hiking Full Day Moderate
St-Herman's Cave/Blue Hole Nat. Park Full Day Moderate
Mayflower Waterfalls Hike Full Day Moderate
Other Activities and Tours
All tours are conducted by our friendly and knowledgeable licensed guides.
Half Day excursions : (3-4 hours) are US$38 per person.
Full Day excursions : (6-8 hours) are US$50-95 per person.
All Tours are subject to 9% tax
Tours are available on certain days of the week.
To see our schedule, click here.

Birds Of Paradise Tour
Bird of Paradise Tour: Belize wildlife and birdwatching

Departs: Daily at 6:00 a.m.,
available with 12 hours notice
(Minimum 2 persons)

Price: US$38.00

Length: Approx. 3-4 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Tropical rainforest, canopy to 80 ft.

Tour Itinerary

You depart the Lodge at daybreak and drive a short distance to 'Toucan Sittee', a small guest house managed by a local couple. The drive will take you to areas which are home to many species of birds including parrots and toucans.
Toucan Sittee borders the Sittee River where there are many large trees, known to attracta lot ofbirds. As you view the bird life here you will be served a delicious breakfast consisting of fresh fruit, juices, coffee,and fresh baked breads.

Following breakfast you will make your way through Sittee River Village to the site of the Serpon Sugar Mill.

The trail down to the Sittee River will take us through pristine rainforest, across several small streams and past giant stands of bamboo. The river is home to many species of birds, so you may want to stop here for some time to observe the proliferation of wildlife that abounds here.

Note: Bird list available at front desk.

Don't forget to bring: bug repellent, hat, binoculars, camera.

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Caves Branch River Tubing Tour
Caves Branch River Tubing Tour

Departs: Wednesdays at
7:45 a.m.
(Minimum 4 persons)

Price: US$95.00 (includes lunch)

Length: Approx. 8 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Tour Itinerary

This unforgettable experience begins with a one hour drive up the scenic Hummingbird Highway to Caves Branch Adventure Camp. Transport to the Caves Branch River is by way of tractor cart so prepare yourself for this unique experience!

Once at the river you float a short way down the river and into a cave which opens up to a massive cavern. You continue deep into the cave (some walking is involved) to view amazing cave formations.

Once deep inside the cave, your guides will lead you up inside to view ancient Mayan fire pits, where the Mayans once held ceremonies.
The more ambitious visitor will be given the opportunity to view the Monkey God, which is carved into the rock, and was the Mayan God of fertility.

You can hike higher up into the cave, and see the more amazing cave formations before taking a break for lunch. A relaxing float back down the river will bring you back to your departure point.

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Scarlet Macaw Tour
Scarlet Macaw Tour

Departs: On Request
(Minimum 4 persons)

Price: US$38.00
(lunch at extra cost)

Length: Approx.3 - 4 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Tropical rainforest, Karst Limestone

Tour Itinerary

We depart the Lodge at 7:00 and drive south on the new Southern Highway, passing the Jaguar Preserve on our right and proceeding across both the Sittee and South Stann Creek rivers. Within a short time you arrive at our destination, which is Red Bank Village.

In this Mayan village you will meet our guide, Geronomo, who will lead us through his farm and into the area where the Scarlet Macaws are most prevalent.

From the valley the path turns up a steep hill, the top of which is another 20 minute hike away, and should only be attempted by relatively fit people with good foot wear.

It is from this hilltop location that these beautiful birds can best be seen in the trees feeding on a fruit which is unique to this village. These beautiful birds are an amazing sight as they soar from mountain tree tops to the lush green valleys below putting on a spectacular show of beauty and color.

You continue your journey back down the trail and will detour along a short path to reach a beautiful river. Here you will find deep pools of water, ideal for swimming, as well as several small golden sand beaches.

The pools are fed by small water falls just up river from this magical location. To be swimming in these cool crystalline waters while viewing the jungle and Macaws flying over head will be a memory long remembered! You will enjoy a tasty lunch, and the remainder of the morning relaxing and swimming, before returning to the Lodge around noon.

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Reef and Snorkel/River Boat Tour
Reef and Riverboat Tour

Departs: Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00 a.m. (Minimum 3 persons)

US$50.00 (lunch and snorkel gear at extra cost)

approx. 6-8 hours

Easy in good weather; Moderate in bad weather

Lagoons lined with mangrove, coral reefs, small islands (cayes)

Tour Itinerary

Experience the cays and barrier reef, as well as the beautiful Sittee River. Your guide will make several stops along the reef enabling you the opportunity to snorkel in warm, crystal clear waters filled with a multitude of fish and coral.

you return to the coast around noon and enter the Sittee River. Here you will take a break for lunch at our day Lodge ( Iguana Lodge ) and have time to relax before beginning the river portion of the tour.

The cruise up the Sittee River will be full of opportunities to see the rich wildlife which exists here including Crocodiles, Turtles, Iguanas and many bird species.

Don't forget to bring: sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit, towel, long-sleeved shirt, hat, underwater camera (available in gift shop), snorkeling gear, fish identification chart.

Snorkel gear is available to rent at $8/set.

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Glovers Reef Snorkeling
Snorkeling Tour Departs:Mondays and Fridays at 9:00 a.m.
(Minimum 6 persons)

Price: US$75.00
(lunch and snorkel gear at extra cost)

Length: approx. 6-8 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Terrain: Coral atolls

Tour Itinerary

In the million sq. miles that the Caribbean covers there exists only 4 coral atolls (sea mounts), 3 of those atolls are within close proximity of the Lodge with perhaps its finest example, Glovers Reef being the closest (30 miles). So amazing is this atoll that it was recently declared a World Heritage Site.

On calm days we are able to safely access the atoll and provide guests with fantastic scenery and awesome snorkeling amongst the miles of reef which outline this coral atoll. Glovers Atoll contains within its coral walls over 800 massive coral formations, many of which provide great snorkeling opportunities.

you stop for lunch on one of the small islands on the atoll and then continue our underwater exploration of the brightly colored and richly textured coral reefs which abound with life of all kinds.

Don't forget to bring: sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit, towel, long-sleeved shirt, hat, underwater camera (available at gift shop).

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Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve
Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve Tour: Belize adventure vacations

Departs: Mondays and Saturdays at 8:00 a.m.
(Minimum 3 persons)

Price: US$50.00
(lunch at extra cost)

Length: approx. 6-8 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Terrain: Dense tropical rainforest, well maintained trails, jungle canopy to
100 ft.

Tour Itinerary

After breakfast you set out from the Lodge and proceed through pristine wetlands on our way to the Southern Highway. On most days the air will be clear enough to see the majestic spire of Victoria Peak (3,675 ft.) and the distant Maya Mountain Range.

You soon arrive at Maya Center and the entrance to the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve. You stop briefly to sign in and to view the beautiful hand-carved slate plaques, baskets, clothing and jewelry made in the Village by the local Mayan Indians.

You then continue into the dense tropical rainforest of the Cockscomb Basin, which has a total protected area of over 100,000 acres.

Your guide will then take us on several established trails, each with its own unique characteristics. As you walk, the guide will interpret the flora and fauna that make this park such an amazing place. The preserve is believed to have the world's highest density of Jaguar as well as several other cat species.

The Education Center details the topography, geology, plant and animal life that make up this incredible rainforest.

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St. Herman's Cave & Blue Hole National Park Tour
Ruins and Waterfalls Tour: Belize adventures from Colonial Suites

Departs: Thursdays
at 8:00 a.m.
(Minimum 3 persons)

Price: US$50.00

Length: approx. 6-8 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Terrain: Dense tropical rainforest, canopy to 100 ft., mountains

Tour Itinerary

We depart the Lodge after breakfast and make our way north and onto the Hummingbird Highway. Our drive up this scenic roadway takes us through a major citrus growing area and small Mayan villages, and to an area known locally as 'Caves Branch'. We hike along well maintained paths to the Blue Hole, which is a sinkhole or cenote fed by an underground stream and in its crystal clear blue waters you will find an ideal place to take a cooling swim. The water enters the pool from a cave, forms a small river and then disappears underground again.

Take all the time you like to enjoy the refreshing waters and peaceful environment, knowing that you have the scenic route back down the Hummingbird Highway to look forward to!

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Mayflower Waterfalls Hiking Tour
Ruins and Waterfalls Tour: Belize adventures from Colonial Suites

Departs: Tuesdays and
Fridays at 8:00 a.m.
(Minimum 3 persons)

Price: US$50.00

Length: approx. 6-8 hours

Difficulty: Moderate (Bocawina Falls) Difficult (Antelope Falls)

Terrain: Dense tropical rainforest, canopy to 100 ft., mountains

Tour Itinerary

Departing after breakfast you proceed through Hopkins Village and connect with the Southern Highway.

you then head towards the Maya Mountains, visible in the distance. Orange groves turn to banana plantations, which give way to dense tropical rainforest.

Once at our destination, your guide will lead you briefly through the ruins site, which has several ceremonial mounds as well as an ancient ball court. You then traverse Silk Grass Creek and venture into the jungle.

Note: Mayflower has not been fully excavated, although Tulane and Yale Universities have begun this process.

The hike to Antelope Falls is truly worth the effort, as you will be amongst the first non-Mayans to see this spectacular waterfall. The falls drop some 100 feet from above your head, and cascade down a massive rock face, forming small pools ideal for swimming. A steep trail leads to the top of the falls, and from this vantage point the views over the jungle and out to the sea are truly breathtaking. Here you will find yet another beautiful pool, ideal for swimming.

Feel free to continue on your own further upstream, where you will find countless more pools and waterfalls.

After admiring the falls and its peaceful ambiance, you head back down Silk Grass Creek and enjoy a relaxing lunch. Time (and energy!) permitting, we will drive another mile or so to begin our 30-minute hike to Bocawina Falls, which again offers ideal swimming opportunities.

Don't forget to bring: bug repellent, hat, long pants, swimsuit, towel, camera, binoculars, sturdy hiking shoes and a spirit of adventure
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Other Activities and Tours
Kayaking: Belize adventures from Colonial Suites Sittee River Kayaking **
Iguana Lodge
Spend a great day in our newest addition! Visit the Iguana Lodge
Sittee River Boat Tour**
Caye Snorkel Tour**
*Available on request, surcharge applies.
**Half-Day Tours, available on
12 hours notice.
In the lodge: The Games Room is great for those rainy days, with billiards, foosball, shuffleboard and table tennis!
Weekly Tour Schedule
Full Day Guided Tours
Allow 5 to 8 hours. Cost: $50 per person plus tax, unless otherwise specified. Four person minimum. (All inclusive packages guarantee some tours with 2 person minimum)
Monday Glovers Reef Snorkel* or Jaguar Preserve Hiking
Tuesday Mayflower Waterfalls Hiking or Reef Snorkel and River Boating Tour
Wednesday Caves Branch River Tubing**
Thursday Reef Snorkel and River Boating Tour or St. Herman's Cave
Friday Glovers Reef Snorkel* or Mayflower Waterfalls Hiking
Saturday Jaguar Preserve Hiking
Sunday Reef Snorkel and River Boating Tour
*$25 Supplement
**$45 Supplement
Half Day Guided Tours
Allow 3 to 4 hours. Cost: $38 per person plus 9% tax.
Two person minimum.  (Available with 12 hours notice)
Birds of Paradise (birding) Tour
Sittee River Kayaking
Sittee River Boat Tour
Caye Snorkel Tour

All tours subject to change due to weather and demand
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